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Sanne Sannes

Su Tomesen

“Memory” (2002)

"My name is Su Tomesen, I am a visual artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I will describe my course of life briefly, because I have “another backpack” compared with the artist who graduated from the art academy.
In 1994 I graduated from the University of Utrecht as a cultural historian. I worked as a researcher and director of television programs in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In 2000 I started my company Su Me Productions. With my own video camera and editing computer, and in association with some young emerging artists, I began to make artistic works, mostly focusing on the media video and photography.

I have grown rapidly as a self-taught artist. In 2003 I was accepted at the fine arts department of the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. This is the Masters education of the famous Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Although video and photography are still my main media, I have also begun to develop installations, interventions and performances during my education at the Sandberg Institute.
 The education program is set to two years; in 2005 I left the institute. At the end of 2007 I finally finished my thesis The Traveling Artist and became a Master of Fine Arts. I use relevant parts from my thesis to tell you about my work."