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Isaac Cordal

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Fairy tales mash fantastic with ordinary, playing with perceptions of both. Street Artist and public artist Isaac Cordal lives in these two worlds and finds one that is a waking dreamscape. The fastidious and attentive scene maker somehow brings his little cement people alive by placing them in the real world; creating a new context where his figures take on stirring, humorous, nearly profound qualities.

Tiny cement figurines have begun appearing on the streets of London. The street artist responsible is Isaac Cordal, who originally hails from Spain but is currently based in London. The project is termed ‘Cement Eclipses’ and deals with such themes as the anonymity and drudgery of city life. The folorn grey cement figurines typically dressed in the garb of our businessman force oneself to reflect on the uniformity and monotony of city living.

Isaac Cordal first began making cement sculptures in 2002 and first placed them out in the streets in 2006 in the Spanish city of Vigo. The cement figurines are tiny and so easy to miss if you are not on the look out but you will feel rewarded when you see your first Cement Eclipse. Each tiny figure represents a testament to what street art is really about. RJ Rushmore has described the he tiny sculptures as “magical gifts to the public that some will see and love but so many more will ignore”. Please don’t ignore them