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Indian Ocean earthquake 2004

On 26 Dec 2004, 00:58:53 UTC (7:58:53 am local time), a magnitude 9.0 earthquake occurred off the west coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The epi-centre was located under sea water at 3.32 N 95.85 E. This is the fourth largest earthquake in the world since 1900. The earthquake generated tsunamis which swept across the Indian Ocean within hours. Over 120,000 people lost their lives in this disaster. Areas near to the epicentre in Indonesia, especially Aceh, were devastated by the earthquake and tsunamis. The tsunamis also affected Phuket and surrounding areas in Thailand, Penang in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, and places as far as Somalia in Africa

  • Sri Lanka Earthquake in 2004(December 26) was a result of the earthquake in the Indian Ocean, which was also known as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake. The Sri Lanka Earthquake was an undersea phenomenon and had an epicenter somewhere off the western coast of Sumatra. Sri Lanka Earthquake left a deep impact of the Sri Lanka History. 
  • The Sri Lanka Earthquake and tsunami combined their forces together to take the live of uncountable people and also destroyed property. The origin of Sri Lanka Earthquake, was in the Indian Ocean and it also triggered numerous earthquakes in other places as well. The waves of the tsunamis rose to the height of multistoreyed buildings. 
  • The Sri Lanka Earthquake lasted for nearly 10 minutes and the time is enough to shake the whole of the planet. 
  • The U.N. stated the Sri Lanka Earthquake to be one of the worst natural disasters seen by man. The Sri Lanka Earthquake was recored at a Richter scale of 9.0, which is actually an extreme magnitude, when nothing is spared. 
  • DEATH TOLL  300,000+