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Russudan Meipariani

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia,(12.10.1975) Rusudan lives and works in Germany. She discoverd her talanted voice while studying in music high school and decided to choose a musical career. Her songs are based on childish impressions of georgian nature and people.

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. Vocals by Russudan Meipariani


ZurGi is first Georgian Net Band Project by Zura Javakhia and Giorgi Marr. After Zura left his former-band Mutual Friends, he started working on his new project. Then through internet he met Giorgi Marr, guitarist and songwriter from Str!ng. They soon started working together, and ZurGi was created. They Have Three EPs:
Twentynine Days - EP (2010), Coming Up - EP (2010), In The Trap - EP (2011)

 You can listen and download ZurGi

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OUDspeakers was formed in Tbilisi, 2009 July. this band is too young to write lot of things about them, but one thing is clear, their music is truly alternative-indie powerd nice tunes. As far as we know their debute live performance was held in December of the past year at Athoneli theatre.

Band: Levan Tskhvaradze – Guitar, Vocals
Aleko Dolidze – Keyboards, Piano
Levan Mamaladze – Bass Guitar

Mutual Friends

Mutual Friends are a Georgian Alternative rock Band from Tbilisi, formed in 2009. Members of the band have different musical taste, which is reflected in the band’s music. So in the band you can find combined variety of genres and playing styles, which make an interesting musical aspect in total. The band members have performed on several live shows already and are preparing for an album release. Their first two songs “Drunk Monkey” and “Sorry (I’m a Loser)” have first seen the light of the day at their debut performance held on January 16, 2010.


Mother On Mondays

Performance: Post punk – Alternative

Band: Goglik Pareshishvili – Vocal
Gogi Dzodzuashvili – Bass
Levan Javakhishvili – Guitar
Dato Chkhikvishvili – Guitar
Vazha – Drumm

Mother on Mondays is 90’s Georgian Alternative band. It was founded in 1992-1993 from 3 different groups: Shadow, Mysteria and Out of Need. The group had several tours in Moscow (Russia) and Tbilisi (Georgia). Their first album is “Clear and Cold”. After this release some members quit and the group continued playing as trio (Goglik, Gogi, Levan). The second album was: “Friends”. Then Gogi Dzodzuashvili quit and the group was renamed to “Estrada”. But soon it was disbanded.

Afternoon Version

Performance: Alternative – Electronica – Down-tempo
Nick Tsereteli - Keyboards, back vocals, programming
Zuricha Dzagnidze - Guitars
 Dato Doidze - Guitars
George (Sikha) Sikharulidze - Bass, vocals, programming
Goga Kavtaradze - Drums

Afternoon Version was formed in 1994. 1996 Georgian Music Festival Grand Prize Winners. Best live group in Georgia ever. Progressing every month. We became the strangest group in our country. What we play is the real mixture of dance and trance music. Experiments, experiments and experiments. Playing live instruments with electronic beats.


Tserili (Amorali)

Tserili (Amoral) is Georgian alternative band from Tbilisi.
Tserili means a letter in Georgian and it was formed in Tbilisi at 1995. In the beginning the band name was Amorali.
Band: Gia Toidze – Vocal, Guitar, Songwriter
Lewan Svanidze – Bass Guitar


Performance: Punk – Rock – Folk Rock

Band: Robert (Robi) Kukhianidze – Vocals, Guitar
Saba (Basa) Kuprashvili – Bass-guitar
Giga (Bajoo) Mjhavia – Drums (1990-1992)
Gia (Jhestoka) Shilakadze – Drums (1992-2000)
Giorgi (Gobeja) Gobejishvili – Bass-guitar (2004)
Akaki (Kakia) Japharidze – Drums (2002)

Outsider was formed in 1989 in Qutaisi by Robi Kukhianidze. Robi doesn’t considers himself as punk or alternative musician (so called alternativshik), though his band Outsider has both punk and alternative elements in it. He dislike when someone calls him father of Kutaisian rock or father of Georgian alternative music, moreover he don’t likes such conditional titles.

He considers Peter Mamonov, well-known Russian underground musician, as one of his biggest teacher. The Outsider recorded its first album “Inside” in Mamonov’s studio, Moscow in 1992.

Robi Kukhianidze

Children's Medicine

One of the most influental Georgian alternative music band active in early 1990’s.

Dada Dadiani
Irakli Charkviani



Members from 1996-1997 
Band formed in 1996, in Tbilisi, Georgia. The group’s original line-up consisted of Dato Machavariani (vocal, songwriter), Lado Oniani (guitar, songwriter), Beka Kaldani (bass), Dika Pavlov (drums), Dato Mesxi (keyboards), Gia Kuntelia (performance).

Members from 1998-1999 

Voc: Dato Machavariani, Bass: levani Svanidze, Git: Datto Toidze, Git: Zurik Dzagnidze, Keyboards: Nika Cereteli, Drums: Goga Kavtaradze



Dream Laboratory


Nebo SSSR are an alternative rock band that formed in Tbilisi, Georgia in April 2002. Led by singer/guitarist Kote Kalandadze, the band gained veneration in the mass after releasing their first music video for the track “dojdi”, shot by the lead singer. Their music inspired by the Beatles, the Doors, Joy Division, The Cure, Nirvana, the Smiths, Kino as well as guitar solos influenced by Jimi Hendrix, received alot of positive criticism among the audiences; encouraging the band’s recording debut - “Personal Sky” (the album, which did not come out for sale) on a local record label, Comuna Records.



Young Georgian Lolitaz

The Young Georgian Lolitaz is 4 piece band from Tbilisi, Georgia. Formed in 2000
Members are: Nika Kocharov - Guitar, Vocal, Songwriting. levan Shanshiashvili - Midi Guitar. David Svanidze - Bass. Guram Makalatia - Drums. 


Kung Fu Junkie

Kung Fu Junkie is a pop electronic band  circus of happy sad chinese robots, urban shaolin monks, red lipsticks and smart drugs. :)
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MAMM (me and my monkay)

Me and My Monkey is a Georgian project which was formed by Sandro Chinchaladze in 2007 in Tbilisi. In 2008 Gacha Bakradze joined the project and they started performing in front of wide audience as a duo. Duo had successful gigs in Georgia as well as Europe. In 2011 Gacha left Me and My Monkey and soon new member Vazha Marr joined the project. Today Sandro and Vazha are actively working together.


Genetic Code

Genetic Code was a Georgian Electro-Alternative band. It was formed in Tbilisi in early 90s by SERGI GVARJALADZE (band “Genetic Code”, project “Sergi and Bibi”, TV project “Communicator” presenter, nowadays he runs a media production company KOMUNAMEDIA

 Band members were:
Sergi (SirG) Gvarjaladze: Lead Vocals;
Alex (Aleko) Hudson (Gegeshidze): Saxophone;
Bakuna Nozadze: Lead Guitar;
                                                                                                                                                                          Misha Kachkachishvili: Bass;
                                                                   Ben Osipov: Drums (Drummer of the band Taksi (Taxi)).

Genetic Code was one of the most influental alternative bands in Georgia.

Sergi Gvarjaladze

In 90s Sergi Gvarjaladze was a member of numerous bands and projects (Sakhli, genetic code, Dada + GDMpire, Somebodies, SD1, Bibi da Sergi).

From September of 2006 to April of 2008 Sergi was editor in chief of the Georgian music magazine OZONI.

Nowadays he presents two radio shows MusicHall and Muzorama and creates some music under the name John Jolly, and producing and directing documentaries (check out for more info)

Irakli Charkviani

  Irakli Charkviani (Georgian: ირაკლი ჩარკვიანი) (November 19, 1961 – February 25, 2006) was a Georgian poet, writer, and musician, lately known under his pseudonym Mefe (მეფე, “The King”). Charkviani is known for his eccentric image and poetry, and for eclectic music, which includes alternative, indie rock, electronic music, pop and hip hop.

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Manana Menabde


Manana Menabde (Born 1948 , Tbilisi, Georgia)  Georgian, female vocalist , writer, artist and actor.