Performance: Punk – Rock – Folk Rock

Band: Robert (Robi) Kukhianidze – Vocals, Guitar
Saba (Basa) Kuprashvili – Bass-guitar
Giga (Bajoo) Mjhavia – Drums (1990-1992)
Gia (Jhestoka) Shilakadze – Drums (1992-2000)
Giorgi (Gobeja) Gobejishvili – Bass-guitar (2004)
Akaki (Kakia) Japharidze – Drums (2002)

Outsider was formed in 1989 in Qutaisi by Robi Kukhianidze. Robi doesn’t considers himself as punk or alternative musician (so called alternativshik), though his band Outsider has both punk and alternative elements in it. He dislike when someone calls him father of Kutaisian rock or father of Georgian alternative music, moreover he don’t likes such conditional titles.

He considers Peter Mamonov, well-known Russian underground musician, as one of his biggest teacher. The Outsider recorded its first album “Inside” in Mamonov’s studio, Moscow in 1992.

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