Levan Mindiashvili

Was born in Tbilisi (Georgia)  in 1979.08 .10. Resides and works in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

education and activities:
1997/2003 Tbilisi state Academy of Fine Arts; 2008/2010 Master degree in multidisciplinary projects at IUNA - (National University of Art of Buenos Aires), Buenos Aires, Argentina;
2010 Streaming–media–art. Las tecnologías tele-visivas y su utilización en el ámbito del arte by Iván Marino - Espacio Fundación TelefónicaEscuela de proyectos - Isidro Miranda Galería de arte.
From 2003 he participates in international art projects and exhibitions in Europe, Georgia, Argentina and USA. Between 2003 and 2006 he was a co-founder and coordinator of art group Figurative Art Studio. From 2005 he is a member of IKV Internationaler Kuenstler Verein (Cologne, Germany); From 2009 is a performer of Ensamble Caustico.
From 2008 he organizes collaborative projects between Georgian and Argentinean artists and from 2010 he included artists worldwide. In 2010 he establishes Platforma - curatorial project for collaboration and cultural exchange between local and international artists.
2010 the 3rd award for the drawing at the Salon de Verano, Premio Museo Metropolitano, Buenos Aires (Argentina);
2009 Jury prize at the Primer Salon de Arte Erotico, Buenos Aires (Argentina);
2007 The 1st prize at the International Art Fair OW_ART 07, Buchen (Germany);
2006 The Oxford Health Alliance (Oxha) – winner Photograph in the smoking category;
2006 The 3rd prize for the best Georgian Initiative Concept of the year;
2005 The 1st prize at the International Art Fair Impulse 2005, Osnabrueck (Germany)


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