Semezdin Mehmedinovic

was born in Tuzla, Bosnia in 1960 and is the author of four books. In 1993 he was co-writer and co-director, together with Benjamin Filipović, of Mazaldo, one of the first Bosnian films shot during the war. The film was presented at the Berlin Film Festival in 1994, and won the first prize at the Mediterranean Festival in Rome the following year. He, his wife and their son left Bosnia and came to the U.S. as political refugees in 1996.

Beyond Baroque

lo these many years of construction repairing
the irreparable potholes the gaping erosion of
    industrial repetition this tarred and feathered
   landscape this tarred and feathered history

 my neighbor found an arrowhead in
 his backyard 385 10th st. Brooklyn

 waking up in a sweat I found the Old Bridge hanging
 from my neck and the whole town of Pocitelj
 in the pocket of my jacket draped over a
 chair in the shadow of a pot filled with
 rosemary and lavender.

Body on the bridge
From an abandoned garage
 by the Museum of the Revolution
 we looked at windows on Grbavica
 when from the river voices could be heard
What's that?
 "Nothing" Benjamin says
 "they're changing a body on the bridge"

 Twelve years have gone by
 and for the first time
 I'm thinking about that nothing


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