Kate Millett

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Sexual Politics 
http://www.marxists.org/subject/women/authors/millett-kate/sexual-politics.htm                         . http://www.marxists.org/subject/women/authors/millett-kate/theory.htm

Born to a middle-class Irish-Catholic family in Minnesota, Kate became active in the Women's Movement at an early stage after being active in the Civil Rights Movement and the Peace Movement. At the age of 17 she attended the University of Minnesota and graduated magna cum lauda in English and went to Oxford University where she received first class honours. Her thesis, written for Columbia University formed the basis for Sexual Politics, to become the most authoritative work of Radical Feminism.
In 1961, she travelled to Japan to exhibit her sculptures, and met the artise Fumio Yoshimura who was to become her husband. She has taught widely at Colleges in the U.S.

“To love is simply to allow another to be, live, grow, expand, become. An appreciation that demands and expects nothing in return.”

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