Hagiwara Sakutaro

(1886-1942)  For More Information >http://pw1.netcom.com/~kyamazak/lit/_Jpoet/Hagiwara_Sakutaro.htm


At dawn's light, the skies were lit pale,
On the window, the imprint of fingers, cold,
The mountain's edge, whitish-turning, stood
Like quicksilver, placidly still and yet,
Travellers slept undisturbed;
Only the jaded lamps' jarring sighs,
Even the sweet shellacky smell,
And so too, the vaguely tobacco-like fumes
Tested a sore tongue on the night train;
But how long are the married wife's complaints to continue?
Yamashina1 has yet to pass by,
So she undoes the air-cushion's plug a wee,
To watch it vent: such are the ways of women-kind.
Then man and wife snuggled up a-sudden,
And stared out the car window by the dawn,
Where on a mountain village, whereabouts unknown,
So whitely bloomed the columbine  flowers.
ON JOURNEYI'd like to be off to France,
But France is so frightfully far,
At the least though, I'll pick out a brand new suit,
And mount on a trip carefree.
When the train starts up the overpass,
I'll lean on the azure window
And think happy thoughts alone,
This May day at dawn,
Leaving it all to the new-grass-sprouting heart.


The still life, deep down, enranges,
But on the surface it grieves.
At the windowside greenery are a cool
Reflexions on the white-eyed vessel.


A new path is being routed here,
A direct access to town.
At the crossing I stand,
But failed to master the deserted horizons of all four directions,
And gloom ruled the day,
For as the sun dipped below the eaves,
The coppice had been felled to sparsity.
This mustn't be, This mustn't be! I churn my mind.
This road, I shall revolt and refuse to take,
Where the fresh new trees are all being felled.

Aerial Strangulation

On a far night, the glinting pine needles
Accepted lettings of remorseful tears.
On a far night, the skies were frosty-white,
The lofty pine clutched the hanging noose.
Love made descent on the lofty pine,
He was suspended in the posture of prayer.

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