Damion Berger


In The Deep End: Swimming in the warm, clear waters of swimming pools during the summer months, I was captivated by what was playing out underwater in front of my mask. Not unlike some scene from Cirque du Soleil - suspended bodies infused with the energy of youth and illuminated by an ever-changing quality of light, these unwitting cast members set the stage for a sort of contemporary choreography, a playful ballet detached from gravity. Working without the knowledge and complicity of my subjects, I sought out public swimming pools on the Coté D'Azur and elsewhere around the Mediterranean where I was drawn to scenes of the unusual, frequently populated with energetic children less content to wallow on the surface than their more 'mature' parents. The decision to photograph in black & white was a central choice. Without the immediacy of colour and the blue hue of the water to provide context, one's recognition that these pictures are taken underwater is momentarily delayed and underscores the abstract sense of suspension and movement that permeates through the series. Damion Berger 345 West Broadway, Apt 6 New York, NY 10013 Tel: 212 202 2605 damion@damionberger.com

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